My article – XA transactions using Spring framework.

24 05 2007

I recently authored my second article at JavaWorld. It mainly demonstrates how one can utilize distributed transactions (JTA/XA) in standalone Java applications. The article focuses on how one can integrate different standalone JTA implementations (JBossTS, Atomikos and Bitronix) using the widely popular Spring framework. Please let me know your comments, if you get a chance to read.




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23 04 2008
Sushil Mishra

It’s an excellent article. But i checked in JBoss forum that JMS is supported by Jboss TS. I am looking for transaction manager which supports XA transaction. I a using Websphere MQ for message & Oracle 10g as database. what will be your take on this?


24 04 2008

If you are running standalone you can use JBossTS or Atomikos or Bitronix or JOTM. If not, the J2EE container (Websphere, or Weblogic or whatever) will provide JTA support.

My take on this? I think it is up to you to evaluate and decide the pros and cons of different XA providers, based on your use case(s), features, commercial support requirements and so forth. Bulk of your investigation should focus on the recovery aspects of the provider.

19 06 2008

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11 01 2010
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