Is JBOSS losing the sheen?

3 06 2008

We use JBoss a lot in our organization and as far as my responsibilities go, I am involved, in someway or the other, in design and architectural/infrastructural issues, which also include JBOSS based applications.

I noticed that the first Beta of JBoss 5.0 AS was released way back in 2006-11-17. And since then, there were 3 more Beta versions, the last one was released on 2008-02-10. It is almost 2 years and we don’t have a GA release available yet.

Could it be the RedHat acquisition and the related transition, the reason for this? Or is it the attrition rate at RedHat?

I hope the GA release, whenever it releases, will be worth the wait. They(Redhat) should also take note of the competition coming from other open source application servers, especially GlassFish. I have never used GlassFish, but based on what I heard from others, the list of features it provides, and the pace at which they are releasing, they definitely seem to have more momentum than JBoss.

Though the adoption of JEE5 based application servers has been very slow, it has been steady. The only commercial application server which is JEE5 compliant is Weblogic 10. Websphere is way behind, but I could be wrong. Websphere community edition (Geronimo?) has JEE5 compliant features (or shall we say compatible?) but I don’t think it has that much of a momentum, despite being open source.

I hope Redhat is listening.




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