FireFox 3.5 ROCKS!!

1 07 2009

I was a bit hesitant to download FireFox3.5, but I couldn’t stop myself doing that, after reading several outstanding reviews about it.

The first thing I noticed was the blazing speed with which pages loaded, in general. The difference was pretty substantial, this maybe attributed to their tracemonkey javascript engine. Support for HTML5 video tag really blew me off.

This blog will elaborate more on how it fares with other browsers. One of the most compelling reason for me to use FF was the ability to add add-ons, and I haven’t seen any browser which comes close to that, yet.

I can’t wait for their new electrolysis engine, which enables the browser to withstand web page failures, without bringing the whole browser crashing. Google Chrome already has this feature, and these crashes happen very rarely, anyway. So not a big deal for me.

To learn about all the new features for FF 3.5, click here.